Touchstone corporation ltd is a B2B shopping destination for luxury goods, handbags and accessories.

Touchstone provides a platform where fashion conscious individuals can join a community focused on offering a carefully curated range of trusted luxury goods.

Touchstone offers a wide ranging selection of designer bags and accessories that provides our community of luxury goods lovers with an eclectic mix of pieces to choose from and to suit any preference.

Established in Hong Kong in 2013, Touchstone has the pride of delivering exceptional levels of integrity and customer service in support of the many happy B2B clients to it has served to date.

Before each and every item is displayed in-store and online, it is carefully selected and rigorously inspected in order to guarantee its authenticity.

We make sure our customers get exactly what they pay for.

Come and find your new dream luxury goods with Touchstone today.


Touchstone Corporation provides a great opportunity for small and medium sized entrepreneurs by supplying you with world famous branded products for your business. We make sure you don’t have to worry about the quantity and the quality. Being a wholesale supplier we are able to supply the exact amount of products according to your budget.

Our products are also available online at the convenience of a few clicks on our active internet business (e-commerce) with the same guaranteed products and affordable prices as when you come to us direct.


We are a B2B luxury goods wholesaler.

We’ve accumulated a great deal of experience in the luxury goods market, and also in developing solutions, making full use of the potential for B2B and drop shipping.


Luxury goods B2B wholesaler.

That’s what we’re all about, and we do it speedily, flexibly, and with passion. B2B luxury goods industry for anyone who wants to make a success of his or her own business idea.


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